Monday, June 26, 2006

Compassion's Monopoly... I couldn't have said it better myself

This is from Daniel Dufort's Blog. It's a rant on how the left thinks it has the monopoly on compassion:

Throughout the years, a political myth, which taken to face value is frivolous at best, has propagated itself to the status of absolute truth. If you were to listen to the common ‘wisdom’, you’d be lead to believe that leftists have the monopoly of virtue, generosity and compassion.

It then comes as no surprises that whenever you are identified as a rightist, you are de facto considered a servant of big companies, who themselves are the sole nemesis of social peace and who, of course, are eating our babies. But then it gets worse: we are incapable of any sort of compassion or generosity toward another because the individualism monster that we are too busy looking at our navels.

Read the rest! He deserves your visit for articulating this!