Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It is Time to Eliminate Status of Women

Feminists who claim to speak for me irritate me. When they use taxpayer money to do it, it sends me through the roof.

Status of Women is a government agency that does precisely that. The agency's name is somewhat of a misnomer, it should be called the Radical Feminist agency, because that's exactly what it is.

What Status of Women does is fund radical feminist groups and gives out money for radical feminist research. The Agency's budget is about $23 million.

Now why doesn't Status of Women fund other women's groups like REAL Women?

Because they're not an "equality-seeking" group, as defined in their eligibility criteria.

Like typical radical feminists, they have decided that they speak for all women, and they only consult those groups and women that agree with their agenda. So it's a bunch of radical feminist bureaucrats consulting radical feminist to hear what they want to hear to promote more radical feminism on my dime.

Where is the democracy in this???.

Now as if that weren't bad enough, REAL Women has the audacity to write sympathetic MP's asking them to help disband and defund this undemocratic and unrepresentative agency-- Little ole REAL Women, the conservative women's group that they have completely ignored for decades-- and Status of Women orchestrated a taxpayer-funded backlash against the group, getting women to write letters and emails to REAL Women at their Ottawa and Toronto offices.

On top of that, they arranged to have a Freedom of Information request to obtain the correspondence between MP's and REAL Women in an attempt to intimidate.

So what message does that send? When you question your government, your government will use your own money against you to punish you for daring to speak out.

Is that democratic???

This agency is a waste of taxpayer money. The research it funds could be handle through already existing departments. Its radical feminist agenda represents the views of a minority of people in Canada, and it's very elitist and undemocratic. I am calling on the Government of Canada to defund and disband this agency, and that the government be open to a greater diversity of views on women's issues, not just the radical feminist viewpoint.

I have asked fellow women bloggers to give their thoughts on this matter, and I will update this blogpost throughout the day to link those women who have spoken out.

If you are a woman blogger who also wants to speak out on your blog, leave a link to your blogpost in the comments section.

Men bloggers can help by linking to this post.


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