Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It is Time to Eliminate Status of Women

Feminists who claim to speak for me irritate me. When they use taxpayer money to do it, it sends me through the roof.

Status of Women is a government agency that does precisely that. The agency's name is somewhat of a misnomer, it should be called the Radical Feminist agency, because that's exactly what it is.

What Status of Women does is fund radical feminist groups and gives out money for radical feminist research. The Agency's budget is about $23 million.

Now why doesn't Status of Women fund other women's groups like REAL Women?

Because they're not an "equality-seeking" group, as defined in their eligibility criteria.

Like typical radical feminists, they have decided that they speak for all women, and they only consult those groups and women that agree with their agenda. So it's a bunch of radical feminist bureaucrats consulting radical feminist to hear what they want to hear to promote more radical feminism on my dime.

Where is the democracy in this???.

Now as if that weren't bad enough, REAL Women has the audacity to write sympathetic MP's asking them to help disband and defund this undemocratic and unrepresentative agency-- Little ole REAL Women, the conservative women's group that they have completely ignored for decades-- and Status of Women orchestrated a taxpayer-funded backlash against the group, getting women to write letters and emails to REAL Women at their Ottawa and Toronto offices.

On top of that, they arranged to have a Freedom of Information request to obtain the correspondence between MP's and REAL Women in an attempt to intimidate.

So what message does that send? When you question your government, your government will use your own money against you to punish you for daring to speak out.

Is that democratic???

This agency is a waste of taxpayer money. The research it funds could be handle through already existing departments. Its radical feminist agenda represents the views of a minority of people in Canada, and it's very elitist and undemocratic. I am calling on the Government of Canada to defund and disband this agency, and that the government be open to a greater diversity of views on women's issues, not just the radical feminist viewpoint.

I have asked fellow women bloggers to give their thoughts on this matter, and I will update this blogpost throughout the day to link those women who have spoken out.

If you are a woman blogger who also wants to speak out on your blog, leave a link to your blogpost in the comments section.

Men bloggers can help by linking to this post.


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Badbeans said...

Without feminists, politics would have no comic relief. We would either be angry or cry all of the time. But with feminists being ridiculously self-important as they are, they give us a lot to laugh about (with the exception of their stance on abortion and anything having to do with that regard).

Their goal and vision is that every woman should have to suffer their miserable existences of being middle-aged, single, childless, bitter women who do not shave their legs. What is funny is that their constraints on what they believe a woman should be is on par with the Taliban, and they do not even know it. As a matter of fact, present feminists would be on a fast course to wearing a burqua if they had the power to advance their agenda.

I am sorry that Canada has a government-funded agency that advances such nonsense. Planned Parenthood receives U.S. government grants, or at least they once did if they do not now.

It is a shame that women and men cannot use the talents and gifts inherent to their gender rather than attempting to equalize all aspects of society because of the inherent differences.

Dianne said...

Thanks for speaking out. I was an original founding member of REAL Women around a quarter of a century ago, and way back then we said the status of women has to go, it does not speak for us.

blanks57 said...

It's too late now, the status of women has fomented into the mainstream and destroyed marriage as an institution, the family soon to follow.
Soon you will be required to have at least one homosexual in your house in order to recieve government assistance.

hunter said...

Very well done! It's about time we women started speaking out against those feminists that do not speak for us!

vicki said...

Wow!This is great! I've been a member of Real Women for awhile.The VP Gwen Landolt is an amazing woman! Brilliant. She has been very active in exposing the unfair and biased funding with SoW(quite the acronym!) for many years.Watch for a reaction from many of the pigs at the trough!!

Better Than Belinda said...

I've heard a lot of talk about the Status of women... but I've never had the time to do the research as to what they really did. Last I heard of anything was about supporting a private members bill about allowing women to buy tampons and maxi-pads without having to pay tax because it should be considered a necessity, and something about the unfairness of dry cleaning costs for women... yeah, not exactly what I care to have my tax dollars spent on.
Thank you very much for this information, as I do not in any way agree with feminist thinking or propaganda.


TrustOnlyMulder said...

Suzanne, is REAL women an agency of some kind? You use the term often but I see no links.

Ms Sarajevo said...

Great post, Suzanne. I've linked to you on my blog with some personal thoughts on how pointless the whole feminist agenda seems to me.

SUZANNE said...

Thank you Ms. Sarajevo, but I don't have a link to your blog. :(

SUZANNE said...

Never mind! Found it.

Cyrano said...

TOM - REAL Women is a non-radical feminist organization of pro-life, pro-family women. The acronym stands for "Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life", if I remember correctly from their publications (several family members were/are members for a number of years now). I thought I had their link, but can't find it now.

As an interesting aside, I believe their actual membership dwarfs SoW's. If I remember correctly, officially SoW has more members, but they count, for example, every woman who has gone to the YWCA for a work-out as a member (I kid you not).

Keep up the good work in here - I like what I'm reading. ;)

hilary said...

Hey Susanne,

Thanks for linking to my response to Kathy, but I see that when I click on the link to The Devout Life, it links not to TDL but to another post on Big Blue Wave.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well done, Suzanne! I'm just catching up here, but my suggestion would be to redirect SOW's funding to our troops in Afghanistan to help improve their equipment and thereby increase their chances of returning home one day.

vicki said...

Cyrano...just to clarify: Real Women is self supporting by people who agree, and finacially contribute(I am a member)
SoW does not have 'members'...they are government funded agencies(with special interest)They are using our tax money(25 million/yr)for uneccessary 'projects'
Gwen Landolt, VP, is a brilliant women.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

If anyone would like to answer the trolls on my blog, please feel free. I personally don't feel it's worth the effort. Thanks.

(Big Blue Blogburst just keeps rolling along)


Tara & Wendy said...

God forbid a government agency should be ADVOCATING for the EQUALITY of women ... Oh the HORROR ... The HORROR. The ABSOLUTE HORROR.

And since WHEN, blanks57, have homos and their quest for equality in family status ... in marriage status ... destroyed your precious institution of marriage??? Huh? Give me ONE example ... I DARE you.

And YOU, Suzanne, you're a DISGRACE to all that is feminine .... Wow, what a shame the mysoginists have really gotten to you ....


SUZANNE said...

I'm laughing at Tara and Wendy's comment.

Who made you the arbiter of what's feminine.

I thought feminists believed that "feminine" was a social construct anyway.

Wow, what a shame the mysoginists have really gotten to you ....

So if you're not a feminist, you're a misogynist?

That's precisely what most people disagree with. Thanks for making my point.

Oh and...

God forbid a government agency should be ADVOCATING for the EQUALITY of women ...

No, the horror is that it's the Status of WOMEN agency portends to represent ME but does not consult me or take into consideration my opinions.

The horror is that Status of Women is funded to promote an ideology that most women do not subscribe to to the exclusion of all other beliefs

That is not democratic.

If I am a disgrace to feminists... I HOPE SO!

But as for being a disgrace to all that is feminie-- you don't speak for me, you don't think for me, and the only opinion of myself that matters is MINE.