Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Unborn Child a Parasite, a Tapeworm: Columnist

By Hilary White and John Jalsevac

ANN ARBOR, August 2, 2006 ( – In a July 26 column that reads almost like a parody of the slogans of the abortion movement, a sophomore at Michigan State University has declared that the unborn child is a parasite, similar to a tapeworm that should be "annihilated."

Writing for The State News, the campus paper of Michigan State University, one of the largest univerities in the U.S., Shane Krouse writes, "The fetus is merely a wad of cells. A mere wad of cells doesn't equate to a fully functioning, living human being. A wad of cells cannot make its own cognitive decisions… Comparatively, a fetus is little more than a tapeworm. It is quite common for humans to annihilate parasites with medications or toxins, so why not allow for fetuses to suffer the same fate?"

Krouse asks rhetorically, "How can you kill something that is not yet living?" He answers his own question saying that the child after birth is "alive" because it no longer receives nutrients and oxygen through the umbilical cord from the mother. He does not clarify how a thing that processes nutrients and oxygen, grows, moves independently and replicates its own cells – the usual criteria for living things established by the biological sciences – can be not alive in the womb but suddenly alive at the moment of birth.

Nick Mrozowski, the editor for The State News, told that Krouse's piece does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the newspaper itself. "When we publish a columnist it is their view," he said. "We routinely publish columns that the paper does or does not agree with."

"[Krouse] has reinvigorated a debate in our community that is important. A debate is good."

Mrozowski said that the reponse to Krouse's inflammatory language has been a mere handful of letters, some opposed and some in favor.

One woman wrote to the State News to say that she agreed with Shane Krouse that the unborn child is a parasite that may be killed with impunity.

Clementine Ford of Adelaide, Australia wrote in response that because the "reasoning for abortion is personal…there can be no definable ‘valid’ reason for having one."

"Personally, I aborted my parasite because of failed contraception and a fervent desire not to breed right now. I feel no guilt for my actions."

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Folks, I wish these pro-aborts would just STOP THE BIGOTRY against unborn children. An unborn child is a HUMAN BEING. Yes, the unborn child lives inside the mother's womb, but he is not the equivalent of a parasite. Parasites are members of different species. Reproduction is part of the natural life cycle of every human being. An unborn child is beautiful beloved child of God, not some vermin.

I feel outraged on behalf of all those moms who love their unborn children. I feel outrage on behalf of unborn children, because they are people, too, and deserve to have their dignity acknowledged.

We have so diluted the meaning of personhood and love, that one woman's beloved unborn child is another woman's "tapeworm". What kind of stupidity is that? If one woman's unborn child is beloved, then another woman's unborn child should be loved as well.

It's a scientific fact: fetuses are human beings. Accept it, get over it. Let's move on with the debate. Any statement that denies this flies in the face of scientific fact. It's sheer bigotry.

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