Friday, September 15, 2006

Anglican Priest converts to Hinduism

Anglican priest David A Hart, whose open espousal of Hinduism has sparked a debate in British religious circles, says he will continue his exploration of the "oneness" of religion unfazed by the consequences it could have on his priesthood.

"Some people say my licence as a priest is under review. I am not doing anything wrong here. I am a convert to the Hinduism here because that is the local religion. And practising Hinduism is in no way incompatible with my faith in Christ," Hart, now staying at Karumam near here, told PTI.

Uh, the apostles might dispute that. The Early Christians couldn't simultaneously practice Judaism and Christianity-- let alone paganism.

After coming to know about his "conversion", Church Times of the Church of England (C of E) has launched a debate and online poll on the feasiblity of allowing Hart to officiate as a priest.

An online poll??? What kind of crazy set up is that???

Dressed in a saffron 'dhoti' and pristine white shirt, Hart the other day enthusiastically mingled with local crowd in celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanthi and, a few days back, was seen worshiping Lord Ganesh.

No incompatibility with Christianity whatsoever...*rolleyes*

Christianity has sunk so low, people engaging in outright paganism don't get what they're doing is wrong!

Author of several books on religion with the latest being 'Trading Faith', Hart said celebrating God in non-human forms need not be considered as 'unchristian' as Jesus was represented as a lamb in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

The lamb is a SYMBOL of Jesus-- Jesus is not a "real" lamb.

And we do not worship God under names other than the traditional Christian ones-- God, Jesus, Lord, Holy Spirit, etc.

What is important is that we have to have a symbol. Worshipping God in the form of human being had come to be practised by religions in a later period in history," Hart said.

"Interchangeable" symbols, the trademark of the modernist. *GRR*

How could then we say that Hindu beliefs are incompatible with those of the Christians," he added.

Well let's see...Hinduism does not acknowledge:

* The Resurrection
* The Sacraments
* The Church
* The necessity of Christ alone

And so on.

Folks, Christians have done a piss poor job of spreading the rudiments of the faith.

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