Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Judy Rebick ditches the Green Party over abortion

The purpose of this post is to list links to message containing opinion on Judy Rebick's decision to leave the Green Party over Elizabeth May's comments about abortion.

Judy Rebick withdraws support from Elizabeth May from Big Blue Wave

Judy Rebick: "right" to kill babies my #1 priority, so shut up b*tch! from Relapsed Catholic

Merry Christmas, Elizabeth May from Augustine's Poodle.

Rebick withdraws any support for May from Dykes against Harper.

Rebick Showers on May from April Reign

Rebick withdraws any support for May from Left News

More updates as I get the time to list them. I sense there will be a lot of talk about this issue.

UPDATE at 9:29 PM

Rebick afraid of May's Abortion position
at Dr. Roy's Thoughts

Vintage Rebick at Euston Manifesto, an NDP Blog. Dave writes:

Judy Rebick has ended her support for the Green Party. This is terrible news. I'm serious.

Rebick's departure will help make the Green Party appear more inviting to moderate Canadians.

Remember when the NDP expelled the Waffle and the ONDP expelled Buzz? The effect on our (the NDP's) poll numbers was positive. With friends like Rebick who needs enemies?

One, of many reasons, the NDP so far failed to replace the Liberal party is that we are burdened with a far-left faction designed to serve a certain very strategic purpose, to systematically handicap the NDP by making it impossible for the party to adapt to changing conditions. Far left-types like Rebick weigh in on the NDP and put it into a "no solution" box.


Rebick’s Wrath by Civitatensis

Rebick withdraws support for May at Politics n Poetry

UPDATE: 11:00 pm

Judy Rebick pillories Elizabeth May over abortion at Magic Statistics.

Judy Rebick withdraws support from Elizabeth May at The Black Kettle

Babble is talking about this story, too. Welcome Babble readers. ;)


Judy's Meltdown & Liz's Admission from SoCon or Bust


Shades Of Green at Small Dead Animals. Don't forget to read the comments!

Carry on, Judy! at Joanne's Journey


Best Comment Ever! by environmental SCIENCE

May and the abortion rage by Section 15

Right-to-Lifers Say What?? by Pro-Lific


Judy Rebick: Gird Your Loins! at

La féministe Judy Rebick renonce au Parti Vert sur l'avortement from Le ciel est bleu, my French blog. I translated Elizabeth May's comments into French.


Green Party Slammed after Leader Elizabeth May Suggests Personal Dislike of Abortion from Lifesite. Note to any Bread n Roses posters who may be reading: Bread n Roses posters are quoted in the article. You might want to read it.

Untitled Post at Geoffrey's blog

Judy Rebick freaks. Can’t be all that bad a day, eh wot? at The Bear Blog


Judy Rebick's bizarre reaction to Elizabeth May's abortion musings by Deborah Gyapong

Judy Rebick's departure from the Greens by Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes from Above

UPDATE December 22nd 8:34 am

Judy Rebick's decision to leave the Green Party at Rural Rage with Country Sage

Rebick, How Extreme Can You Go? by Vek's Blog


Elizabeth May Responds to Judy Rebick UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Still some bloggers blogging about this. Look to this post for more updates.