Friday, February 09, 2007

VIDEO: Abortion from a mother's point of view

This is a very disturbing video. It follows a young woman through a late-term abortion at 22 weeks. There are no dead fetus pictures, (but there is nudity-- a naked vulva during the labour stage of a proglanstidin abortion-- so make sure the kids aren't watching. The woman is in pain).

There are statements from mothers who've gone through the late-term abortion, the grandmother, and the abortion staff.

The abortionist on staff says: over 80% of Russian women have had abortions. Notwithstanding that fact, the women don't seem too happy about it.

Admittedly, abortions in North America are not usually as "primitive" as this-- late-term abortions are usually D and X's or D and E's-- where the baby is dismembered.[EDITED ON April 23rd, 2007: as a matter of fact, prostagland abortions are frequently done for late-term abortions in Canada-- see late-term abortion label on sidebar].

Still, it gives you a glimpse into abortion. Even in a place where there is virtually no pro-life movement, abortion is not something that is valued or celebrated.

Oh yeah. The abortionist on staff admits that this is the killing of children. Tout court. No beating around the bush, here!

It's a documentary that is in production, but it lacks financing. It's supposed to be a 54-minute documentary, instead it's a little over 6 minutes

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H/T: Feminists for Life.