Thursday, September 06, 2007

Funding faith-based's not sufficient

Matt from A Step to the Right wrote a column on why faith-based schooling is a good policy, and pleads with his fellow conservatives to continue supporting the PC's.

The problem with the faith-based funding option is that it discriminates against non-religious private schools.

Why shouldn't Montessori schools be funded?

Why can't enterprising non-religious individuals create their own schools to create competition with the public schools?

All parents have the right to decide how their children are educated.

The voucher system proposed by the Family Coalition Party of Ontario would be help out a wide variety of people, not just religious people.

So if your support traditionally falls behind the PC Party, and you absolutely cannot support them over this or any other issue, then so be it. But I want you to really think that through. Is voting against the PCs for proposing funding a few hundred million dollars more for less than 50,000 students’ education really worth sacrificing the billions in tax cuts saved by eliminating the health tax over four years? That’s $900 saved in your personal income tax per year.

I'm really disappointed that Matt would make a money issue more important than a point of principle. Eliminating the health tax would be nice. But do principles have a price?

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