Thursday, September 06, 2007

Regarding the John Tory/Creationism controversy

John Tory really blew it.

The problem with John Tory is that he is trying to be all things to all people.

And he ends up looking like he stands for nothing.

I think that ultimately parents should have a voice in whether they want creationism taught in schools.

They should vote with their feet. The education should provide a wide variety of options to the people of Ontario. It should not be a virtual monopoly of public/separate schools.

A voucher system, as proposed by the Family Coalition Party, would give parents the greatest freedom. If they want to send their children to an Evangelical school where creationism is taught, that should be an option for them.

If they do not, then that should be their choice as well.

I do think evolutionary theory should be part of the public curriculum. Seeing as it is considered to be scientific orthodoxy, all children should know about it.

Now John Tory will end up alienating both the right and left wings of his party.

And that suits me just fine. I hope those who are dissatisfied with his plan for imposing his agenda on religious school vote Family Coalition.

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