Sunday, December 02, 2007

Robert Latimer UPDATE

UPDATE: Okay, I must have misread the story (or maybe CP misreported it) but Robert Latimer was denied parole. I don't know why he was up for parole in the first place...he shouldn't be getting ANY parole!

Which is good news.

The news of Robert Latimer obtaining parole is a disgrace to this country.

For readers who may not be familiar with this story: ten years ago, Robert Latimer killed his handicapped daughter, Tracy, aged 12.

He started serving his sentence in 2001. He was sentenced to life, with no parole for 10 years.

Well guess what? He got parole.

Latimer refused interview requests through prison officials last week, but in a 2006 interview with The Canadian Press he maintained he has no regrets about what he did.

"The law is a very stupid thing when it comes to trying to sort these things out," he said. "They don't have any realistic appreciation of what is going on."

Absolutely ridiculous. This is the culture of relativism at work. No respect for human rights, for rudimentary notions, such as you do not take innocent human life-- ever.

Here's the thing about our present culture: we are separating life from personhood. When you do that, when your life is seen as a "thing" that is deficient, your personhood is denied. It happens time and again in our culture. Human life should be synonymous with personhood. It should be synonymous with having inalienable rights. But when that life is judged to be unworthy-- and indeed, inconcenvenient-- suddenly the "right to life" isn't so inalienable anymore. You're not a person, you're a "life" and a deficient one at that. "Lives" don't have rights, people do. The separation of life and personhood has led to this scission in people's minds, which justifies this murder.

Why is this being allowed to happen?

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