Monday, January 14, 2008

The Canadian Blog Awards: Vote Now!

Big Blue Wave readers! This is your chance to vote for Big Blue Wave, and other worthy blogs, at the Canadian Blog Awards.

This year, voters may only vote once per round.

Here are some blogs that I recommend that you vote for, in each category.

For Best Blog, please vote for Vote Life, Canada!!

For Best French Blog vote for Le ciel est bleu, my French language blog.

I'm nominated for Big Blogosphere Citizen. I'm very humbled by this nomination.

SoCon or Bust is up for Best Political Blog.

A number of good blogs are up for Best conservative Blog:

SoCon or Bust.
Big Blue Wave
No Apologies
Joanne's Journey

Big Blue Wave is also up for Best Activist Blog.

I nominated Leonard at Stand Your Ground for his reports on the 2007 National Pro-Life Conference in the category of Best Blogpost Series. He is truly deserving.

If you like any of these blogs, and you're a blogger, please encourage your readers to vote for them.

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