Saturday, January 05, 2008

If they're going to celebrate fetus killing, they might as well do it right

The gals at BirthPangs are making a big deal of their first birthday, and at least one other blogger has decided to join in the spirit of the festivities. Uncorrected Proofs (LINK FIXED) wants to celebrate legalized fetus killing by featuring-- what else-- a fetus coin purse.

Isn't that charming? Remind women of what they're killing when they have an abortion. I think that's a great idea. And that they want the taxpayer to pay for it.

The only problem is that the fetus doesn't properly represent abortion. The fetus is still alive. The desired purse should really be a dismembered fetus. You know, something like this:

That would be a far more fitting tribute to Birth Pangs and to the pro-abortion movement as a whole. I'm sure women will walk around with pride, with their heads held high, showing off the product of the so-called medical procedure for which they advocate.

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