Friday, January 11, 2008

Please Help Lifesite! They Need Your Opinions!

From Lifesite:

Dear Readers,

With this message I'm giving notice that will be accepting Letters to the Editor for publication, as a new feature of our news service.

In the past ten years we've received many requests for some interactive service, such as a blog or forum, and a letters section seems the right direction to help build community at, to spark up some healthy debate, and to keep the lines of communication open between readers and's staff.

The rules are simple. By submitting a letter to the editor to you agree to allow LifeSiteNews to publish your letter. Of course, all letters are subject to editing for grammar and length. We naturally can't promise to publish all letters as the size of the readership could easily overwhelm us. The most concise, insightful and timely submissions will receive priority.

Submit your letter by email with "letter to the editor" in the subject line (This will help us differentiate between letters for publication and the numerous other e-mails we receive on a daily basis). Submissions require your real name and city and country, all of which will be noted in the story. Phone numbers must be submitted as well, but will not be published.

On most days beginning shortly, and as suitable submissions arrive, you'll see a "Letters to the Editor" section in the daily news, with your letters.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John-Henry Westen


Lifesite is really keen to get people to contribute, and would really appreciate some letters. I know people on Free Dominion are really opinionated, so if something catches your eye, please contribute!

And pass on this information. They want the message to get out. Blog it if you can. Lifesite does so much for the pro-life community, we should be willing to help them out with this bit.

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