Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tell the Finance Minister to De-Fund the CHRC!

I would like all people who support getting rid of government agencies like the CHRC, the SOW and others to participate in the government’s online pre-budget consultation.

This year’s pre-budget consultation uses a different process—and is frankly a bit more annoying.

One the first page, you have to put in order what the government’s priorities should be. I feel a bit miffed that we’re forced to make these choices to get to the second page (where we can make suggestions). Here is my list, if you need some inspiration:

4.The Government should take steps in Budget 2008 (and beyond) to ensure that Canada is prepared to deal with the implications of an aging population.

5. The Government should implement broad-based policies in Budget 2008 (and beyond) that will help all sectors of the economy to succeed.

6. The Government should focus on developing policies in Budget 2008 (and beyond) to assist specific industries facing special challenges.

1. The Government should focus its resources in Budget 2008 (and beyond) by redirecting them from other areas.

3. The Government should ensure in Budget 2008 (and beyond) that the Canadian economy remains internationally competitive, continues to attract investment and creates high value-added jobs.

7. The Government should take steps in Budget 2008 (and beyond) to ensure that Canada keeps its best and brightest, attracts highly skilled immigrants, encourages as many people as possible to enter the workforce and rewards Canadians for their hard work, while respecting the Government’s fiscal goals.

2. Other: If you believe the Budget should have a priority different from any of the above, assign a priority to this box. You will be able to explain this priority on the next page.

When you press “continue” you get to the “good part”—so to speak. You get to type 50 words to each point. For my #1 priority—I wrote that I think that the government should defund the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Status of Women Agency and the CBC. I wrote for #2 that I want to eliminate unnecessary state interventionism.

The page says that there were 8000 responses last year. If 1000 people write to say that the Canadian Human Rights Commission should be abolished, they cannot ignore that point.

I feel giving input on a pre-budget consultation is even more effective than writing an MP. MP’s can’t necessarily do anything about the CHRC, but the Finance Minister sure can.

To make sure that the Finance Minister gets the message-- because the bureaucrats may not give him the message--email Jim Flaherty with a subject line of "Pre-Budget Consultation".

Please spread this message!

ADDENDUM...My email to Jim Flaherty:

Dear Mr. Flaherty

I am writing to express my wishes for the upcoming budget. I realize that you have a website dedicated to this purpose, but I wanted to make sure that you got the message.

I am very unhappy about the fact that my tax dollars are used to fund state agencies such as the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Status of Women Agency and the CBC. I am especially concerned about the Canadian Human Rights Commission as it is being used to suppress dissenting and religious opinion in this country. The case of Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and Ron Gray (leader of the Christian Heritage Party) have really brought the situation to the fore. I do not want my tax dollars paying for tribunals whose function it is to suppress free speech.

I also do not like the fact that my tax dollars fund an agency that is really just feminist front. I do not believe in radical feminism, and I think that if a government decides to implement feminist policies, it should be done by elected officials, not bureaucrats who are unaccountable to the public. I would like that agency's funding entirely removed.

I would also like to see the elimination of the CBC. I am less opposed to the existence of Radio-Canada, especially since it's often the only local French language across Canada, but the English CBC is no longer necessary. There are plenty of Canadian channels on the dial that government funding of a channel is unnecessary.

These are good ways to effectuate cost-saving measures. I understand in the current economic situation, you need to be prudent, and that a tax cut is unlikely. If that kind of caution is necessary, then we really can't afford the degree of state interventionism that the government exercises presently. I therfore ask that you cut the funding for these government bodies and either re-distribute the money to other worthy programs, or pass on the savings to the individual taxpayer.

Thank You for your time and attention.

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