Saturday, March 15, 2008

Changing the contraceptive mentality

Eric at Vote Life,Canada! says that the root of our culture war is the aceptance of the contraceptive mentality. Conservatives, by accepting sterile sex, are complicit in fueling those very things they oppose.

I do agree. However, I think that moralism will only go so far on this point. I think that we are so compromised, we, as a culture don't get it-- at all.

I think that the best way to do this would be some kind of aesthetic movement. Not a political or purely moralistic one. Why? Because we're unable to even question the basis for the contraceptive mentality. We don't have any standards to show us otherwise. We don't "feel" it's wrong. We need art and literature to show us the light and make us question what the contraceptive culture is all about. Telling people that condoms are wrong for married people doesn't make sense to them because there are a whole series of premises that you must undo to make them understand, this is difficult to do all at once. It's not like showing a dead fetus and saying "abortion kills a baby". That can be pictorally argued. The effects on the individual of accepting contraception is not obvious. We don't see it. We need to make people see it not just from a point of view of dollars and cents, nor from the point of view of divine punishment, but of what it does to their own souls.

I think that's a taller order.

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