Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fetal rights probably wouldn't help our demographic crisis

I know that some people advocate banning abortion as a means to help the demographic crisis.

I don't think I agree with this angle, and I suspect it wouldn't do much.

Who has abortions? Half of abortions are undergone by women under 30-- women who are the least stable, economically, and the least prepared to raise a child.

If abortions were illegal, I suspect that it would be a strong disincentive to have sex-- at least not the procreative kind.

I also suspect there would be more sterilizations.

And there were simply be fewer pregnancies.

We don't want more young, unmarried women having kids. I don't think it's fair to rely on this demographic to solve our population issues-- not fair to the kids, and not fair to the women. Single parenthood is a better solution than abortion, but it's not something to strive for.

The demographic crisis is rooted in the notion that procreation is some kind of burden, that children are not a blessing, and that sexual activity outside of marriage is not only not immoral, it's practically necessary.

I would prefer that the pro-life movement focus on the right to life of unborn children, and on the damage of abortion, rather than on instrumentalizing pregnancy as a solution to problems. It's true that we should encourage people to have more children, but we want married, economically stable people to have children-- the people who are least likely to have abortions.

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