Monday, July 21, 2008

Spanish Gynecologists Denounce Post-viability Abortions

My daughter at 31 weeks gestation, May 20th, 2008

"Anyone who has seen an ultrasound, who sees how a child moves after 24 weeks...just the fact of interrupting the gestation there with a grinder...until literally making it into pulp to expel it, is something that we can't support," said Bajo Arenas.

Grind the baby into a pulp? "Who cares?" say feminists. It's not a baby! And that's the price of women's rights, noob!

In the radical feminist lexicon a person who:

Favours legally allowing grinding babies to a pulp= human rights defender.

Opposes legal grinding of babies to a pulp= misogynist.

In those cases where, for whatever reason, it appears to be medically "appropriate" to interrupt a late-term pregnancy, the doctor asked, "Why destroy the child within? Induce labor and try to save it."

Come on, don't you know ANYTHING? It's part of a woman's body and it's a big blob of tissue!

Science? Feminists don't need no steenkin' science! They don't let facts ruin an ideological meme that frees them from the responsibility of motherhood.


SHORTER LULU AT CANADIAN CYNIC: Ignore the subject of the post and just focus on the women. If someone has to suffer mercilessly and die in the name of female empowerment, that's just too bad! We must avoid the moral dilemma of killing unborn children, by all means!

Remember, opposing the grinding of babies to a pulp makes you a misogynist.

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