Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quebec columnist: conservative Catholics are coming out of the woodwork

I'm just off to church actually, so I don't have much time to blog. But this column from Marie-France Bazzo is excellent news. She's complaining about the rise of conservative Christians in Quebec.

She wonders where conservative Catholics had been for thirty years. But, she says, ever since the Bouchard-Taylor commission, they have begun speaking out.

I know where they were. They were always there. They just never spoke up.

I also blame the Church. The church silenced them as well. They were brainwashed with the "Spirit of Vatican II" crap. And anyone who questioned that false interpretation was deemed a fanatic.

Yes. In the church itself.

John-Paul II sowed the seeds of change. Now orthodoxy is becoming more and more de rigueur. The appointment of Cardinal Ouellet was also important, because he's about the most orthodox prelate in the Quebec church. He's not exactly a flaming conservative, but he's pretty good-- a lot better than what we've had before.

He's having an influence.

If Quebec keeps this up, we will have fetal rights legislation. I know it. Quebec will be at the forefront of change. It has that kind of dynamism. That's its strength. Some people resent that. They won't when Quebec pushes for fetal rights, just like it pushed for abortion.