Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who needs abortion clinics when you have the internet?

According to this abstract, Women on Waves, the group that tries to kill unborn children where they are legally protected, will use the internet to assess an abortion-minded woman (I imagine with video cameras) and then send the abortion pills throught the mail.

And what happens if something goes wrong?

Some medical care.


Marginalized Action Dinosaur writes:

you can tell Suzanne is upset by the typos.

Well, actually, I wrote it in the middle of the night during a bad case of insomnia --I got to sleep around 6 AM. My baby is only starting to sleep through the night, and my circadian rhythm is messed up. Mine is always a bit difficult to re-set.

Typos corrected! (The ones I caught, anyway ;) )

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Planned Parenthood is doing the same thing in Iowa:

Washington, D.C. (12 September 2008) - Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is using a webcam to give the dangerous RU-486 drug, which is used to induce chemical abortions, to walk-in patients, reports Iowa Right to Life.

Women come for the chemical abortion and instead of consulting an abortionist face-to-face, they face a screen connected to a person somewhere else in the state via web cameras.


The chemical abortion has been shown to be responsible for over 600 adverse affects and is the direct cause of at least thirteen deaths since its introduction to the western world, according to Dr. John Willke of Life Issues Institute.