Sunday, January 11, 2009

And if it had happened in the womb, feminists would have said it was okay

An interesting story here.

Jody Ann Lee was convicted of infanticide-- of killing her newborn daughter.

She secretly gave birth and stuffed the baby into plastic bags and then put her in the trunk of a car.

Here's the catch.

While that baby was dying in the car, the baby's twin brother was still alive in the womb.

And Jody Ann Lee delivered him some days later in the hospital, after complaining of abdominal pain.

If the baby girl had been in the womb and killed with an injection of potassium chloride to the heart well that would've been okay.

Because, as Joyce Arthur says, fetuses are not that important.

So the babies who are the exact same age as this newborn and get killed in the womb (and yes, those abortion do happen) do not matter.

Only the mother matters. No matter how lacking in concern for the unborn child.

And I know what the feminists who frequent this blog will say that that is not the case.

Except that they oppose any legal restriction on abortion.

Legal restrictions on killing newborns is acceptable.

Legal restrictions on killing unborn children of the same age is not acceptable.

And in that sense, they would approve that situation. The legal situation is just hunky-dory with them. Justice for the unborn child in the womb? Tough luck kid. You don't matter.

Only women matter.

H/t: ProWomanProLife