Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anencephalic Baby and Mom subject of Hate Campaign

Perhaps you remember the story of Myah and her ancephalic daughter Faith.

Myah gave birth to Faith, in spite of the diagnosis. And Faith is a beautiful child, as the numerous photos and videos show. Just gorgeous.

It seems that many people do not respect Myah's choice to give birth to Faith, to show her off in her blog and demonstrate that anencephalic babies do not need to be aborted.

Myah reports that she has been the target of a vicious hate campaign.

Indeed, a French newspaper has commented on the website, and suggests that Myah is manipulating Faith, as if there's some kind of exploitation in showing off your child on a blog and saying that anencephalic babies are worthy of life.

I suspect baby Faith would probably agree with that sentiment.

This epitomizes the very thing that pro-lifers fight against-- the hatred of "lesser" humans, the suggestion that they do not deserve to live, that there is some kind of right to hate or kill them.

Nice going jerks. Show yourselves for the small-minded, hateful little pricks that you are. We'll expose you.