Monday, April 13, 2009

Feminist: "I regret my Big Mac" is insulting

If I were to stand outside of McDonalds for a month straight strategically standing between the drive thru and the building entrance bearing a sandwich board (no-pun intended) reading: "I regret that second Big Mac and chocolate shake" I am fairly certain that I would see a lawsuit coming my way (think Oprah and the meat industry circa 1996). I would also be remiss to think that the patron's of MacDonald's were not education enough to know that among the many possibilities of feelings that may follow a meal at MacDonald's (elation, sugar-high, discomfort, bloating, satisfaction, to name a few), regret might be one of them. Who am I to educate people about how I felt after eating fast food? It's insulting.

It's insulting just like it is to feel compelled to let women know how YOU experienced YOUR abortion.

This is so dumb, you have to laugh.

The title is "Trusting Women".

Feminists always have to read into the intentions of others. If you disagree with their ideology, it's because you think women are stupid or inferior.

Coupled with philosophical relativism, it's a very potent tactic.

There's no certain way to measure intentions and assumptions when you have no objective standards. None. You cannot know for certain what a person thinks or feels if you have no metaphysical measuring stick. If all perception and intuition boils down to a subjective opinion, then there's no way you can know. It's just feeling and projections.

So that's what feminists go with. Feelings and projections.

Any situation they feel is unfavourable to women is wrong.

Any opposition to feminism springs from misogyny.

It's all feelings. If your feelings say so, and you can make other people feel that way, then it's true. That's how feminism operates.

There's no way to measure misogyny. But feminists feel it's misogyny, so it's misogyny.

In a world that does not recognize any philosophically objective truth, it's very powereful.

But reality is quite different than feelings.

Women are imperfect. Casting aside the morality of abortion, women are not infallible. Women, like men, make dumb decisions. Women, like men, don't always think of the consequences. Women, like men, don't think of the future regret.

Impossible! Women are to be trusted! Their decisions about their personal abortions are infallible and unquestionable.

The "I regret my abortion meme" brings the author to compare it to standing in front of a McDonald's and saying "I regret my Big Mac". She says it's insulting.

Informing people of the potential consequences of a Big Mac is insulting? What universe do you live in?

My personal reaction would be: Hey, thanks for the info, I might take it into account in the future, but the hundreds of other Big Macs I've had sat well with me.

I don't feel insulted or belittled whatsoever.

But maybe I never had a Big Mac. Maybe it causes that bloated feeling, and I just can't deal with bloating because I have a dance recital later, and God forbid I have flatulence. Maybe that Big Mac isn't such a good idea.

Where's the insult?

Naturally, feminists would read into an innocent situation insult and victimization. It's all part of the feminist mentality. You don't like something, you must be oppressed and treated as inferior.

And oh yeah, she feels protesters are co-ercive. Naturally. She doesn't like them so that means they victimize. Even if they don't.