Saturday, April 04, 2009

Feminist Supremacy in Action

dBO of Dammit Janet rails:

Are fundamentalist zealots in the planet's three major religions conspiring and competing to see who can put on the most MASSIVE display of misogyny? The actions taken, which range from allowing men to rape their wives with impunity in Afghanistan to the Pope's deliberate obfuscation of scientific research, are a clear violation of women's basic human rights.

The pope did not "obfuscate" anything. But that is beside the point. Even if he did, how is that a violation of a "right"?

To the feminists, an individual's conscience is not his personal domain. The consciences of others must be subject to feminist tyranny. If your conscience is not and you speak it, then you're a misogynist.

Using photoshop to remove women from view seems benign, in comparison but such incidents demonstrate that religious clerics persist in using doctrine and ideology to punish women who dare to act like human beings.

Again, the irony is quite biting, given that speaking one's conscience is very human.

How ironic that they rail against the zealotry of others in the midst of displaying their own.