Friday, May 29, 2009

VIDEO: World's worst deadbeat dad....fathers 21 children by 11 different women... and he's only 29

This raises many questions in my mind.

After the 5th or 6th unforeseen pregnancy....wouldn't it be time to step back and think about what you're doing wrong?

And the do you date a guy and not know that he has at least a dozen children? How do you not know a man well enough or long enough before you engage in sexual relations? And if you do know, how could you?

Some women are just plain dumb.

And those are the women that he's had kids with.

And he's 29, making minimum wage? Something tells me he can't keep a job. You don't stay at minimum wage if you work for any decent length of time.

Folks this is exactly many why traditional societies expect people to wait until marriage to have sex and to remain monogamous.