Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pro-Life Group Convicted of Calling an Abortion Activist an "Abortionist" is Refused Appeal by Brazilian Supreme Court


ROME, June 17, 2009 ( - The Supreme Federal Tribunal of Brazil has allowed a decision to stand condemning a pro-life organization for calling a pro-abortion anthropologist an "abortionist anthropologist" in a caption below a photo of the woman, taken while she debated in favor of the legalization of abortion.

The word "abortista" (abortionist) in Portuguese is commonly used to refer to individuals, groups, or ideologies that defend the legalization of abortion, one of whom is anthropologist Debora Diniz Rodrigues. However, a lower court had ruled that the language "gravely offends her personal honor and dignity."

I had to laugh.

What could possibly be dishonorable about being an "abortista"?

Maybe the judges were pro-life and agreed with the defendant.