Monday, August 31, 2009

Clueless secularist on pro-life prayers

This photograph from the Omaha World-Herald coverage of the protest outside the Carhart Clinic made me think of Blob Blogging Wingnut's claim about the power of HER prayers.

I said 40 Days for Life was working. I didn't claim my prayers did anything by themselves. But whatever.

The Fetus©™ fetishists pray for clinics to close and for staff members to die.

I think that would be an interesting survey for pro-lifers: Have you ever prayed for an abortionist to die? I've been to numerous pro-life events, and I've never heard that prayer request before. Christians get prayer requests all the time. I can't say I've seen that one around.

Something tells me she's projecting her prejudice onto the masses. Interesting how leftists will denounce people for saying that Muslims are terrorists for the actions of a few. When it's done to pro-lifers, well that's okay. I guess because it's not a race issue, it's all perfectly acceptable. Muslims people are all brown (sic!) therefore accusations against them deserve more scrutiny.

Accusations against white pro-lifers should be accepted without question!

And we definitively think that closing abortion clinics is a good thing. But then, God would agree.

If I were someone who prayed for bad things to happen to people, the way zygote zealots do, I might pray for those pieces of duct tape to remain permanently stuck to the faces of foetishists shown above.

But then, that would make me a religious zealot and I'm not that.

Anyone else thinking of the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican? Thank God I'm not like one of those loathsome little people.

I prefer to focus my prayers on the continuing good health and well-being of family members and friends,

And never her enemies. Too good for that.

not wield that power like a weapon.

Like it's magic. Somebody needs some remedial on Christian prayer.

As well as the prayers themselves.