Friday, August 07, 2009

Development and Peace and its pro-life pretensions

Berlynn, a poster at Bread n Roses, is alarmed about the Peruvian Bishops' attempt to get Development and Peace to stop funding pro-abortion groups in Peru.

Says feminist Berlynn:

It's looking like the Peruvian Catholic bosses are trying to control the Canadian Catholic Organizaton of Peace and Development. I've worked with CCODP folks and they are fantastic social justice workers. Many are pro-choice! This is appalling!!!

Now, everyone knows that the people in Development and Peace are less than supportive of fetal rights.

When a feminist is upset about the possibility of CCODP being defunded, and defends the group by saying that some of its members are pro-choice, you have to know that something's awry.

CCODP's claim to being pro-life is reflective of the BS culture in the Church. To cover up the truth about what goes on in the chancery, the seminary, and other church institutions; to equivocate and use rhetorical subtleties; to never speak the truth plainly.

And anyone who does speak plainly, and speaks in the way that Rome speaks, they are labelled as some sort of extremist, as if the pope and the Magisterium really supports them.

If this indeed is a "defamation" campaign, all CCODP has to do is state that it believes in fetal rights, and act like any pro-life organization would-- meaning, stop supporting pro-abort feminists.

We know the truth. The money that goes to the "projects" helps sustain groups who use the rest of their budget to preach against fetal rights.

CCODP members are either supportive of feminists, or they're useful idiots.

The bishops use their power to demand obedience to them, but they forget that obedience to them is contigent on obedience to the universal magisterium.

I'm all for taking this to the Vatican. I know what the verdict would be. The bishops want this to stop here. I'm certain they know what the verdict would be, too.

You can't compel obedience when what you say contradicts the Magisterium.