Monday, August 31, 2009

Leftists hijack the Bible

Some leftists like to quote back the Bible at Christian conservatives, in a lame attempt to "prove" their hypocrisy.

One tactic of the left is to say that because Jesus wanted us to feed and clothe the poor, then we must vote for a government programs that will feed and clothe the poor.

Notice what Jesus didn't say. He didn't say "get the government to feed and clothe the poor.

He told the disciples to feed and clothe the poor.

The fact of the matter is, citizens pay taxes to the government and for those taxes, they should be able to expect government action that provides equal access to prosperity, equal rights for all, decent health care for all citizens, access to a decent education, and the opportunity to enjoy the basic human necessities such as a home, clothes on their backs, and food in their stomachs.

Note how the switcheroo here. Jesus doesn't talk about government structure. He never said "because citizens pay taxes to the government, they should expect the government to provide equal access to prosperity."

But that doesn't stop leftists from making it into the Gospel truth!

Oh yes, and on that judgment day, the day that the Conservative Right preaches about with such wishful fervor, those who go to church every Sunday and pretend to care about those in need will be judged by their actions outside the walls of the church.

That's right. Christians go out and serve the poor themselves. They don't wait for a government to pass a program.

Jesus also said to judge rightly. Government programs are bandaids. They do not provide prosperity. They are incredibly inefficient at creating wealth. If you want wealth to reach down to the poor, don't expect the government to do it. If government spending solved poverty, we would have solved that problem fifty years ago. Throwing more tax money at poverty is not going to make it any better.

And besides there are few truly poor people in Canada. Their numbers are marginal. By poor, I mean people who have no roof over their heads, not enough clothing and food.

The vast majority of people in this society can at bare minimal survive. This is not the Third World. And most people who can't are unable to because of some serious dysfunction like mental illness or drug abuse. States of poverty tend to be fairly temporary in this country. Few people are chronically indigent. That's the truth.