Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UK Nudists Feel Discriminated Against. Waah!

"We have encountered serious difficulties in dealing with both councils and swimming pool management companies. It is near impossible to persuade them to run naturist swimming sessions." They also complain of increased fees for their events, censorship in attempts to advertise naturist events, and the refusal of services, such as FedEx deliveries, to naturist centres.

Oh the humanity! Deprived of nudie swim sessions. The oppression of it all.

Does this not smack of an overweaning sense of self-entitlement?

You are going to deliver that FedEx package to that beach full of naked people or else!

Actually, I'm thinking a lot of men would sign up for that job.

You know what the next step is, right? The right to go to work naked.

Of course. Because the gay lobby and their allies (and useful idiots) forced people to tolerate and finally accept their lifestyle based on a false idea of rights, now every group with a crackpot behaviour will demand that their lifestyle be accepted.

All the normal people will have to act like they like it-- certainly they will be forced to stifle their objections.