Wednesday, September 23, 2009

40 Days for Life Ottawa Kick Off Rally Took Place Tonight

It was awesome. It wasn't full of rah-rah like at the March for Life. It was so peaceful and joyous. In fact, when our group marched in procession to the abortion clinic and prayed there, you literally could hear the crickets. It was that quiet (and that warm!)

The music was very upbeat. Thanks Guy Dacquais!

I'd say there were easily 200 people there, probably more, maybe three or four hundred. The turnout was excellent, and very representative of the pro-life movement: young, old, (and middle-aged!), laypeople and clergy.

It was a beautiful night. Just so prayerful.

Thanks for John Pacheco and the folks at Campaign Life in organizing this gathering. It was spiritually sumptuous.