Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pro-aborts: Win Politically, Lose Culturally

The American Spectator:

Compared with the Baby Boom generation, today's young people view abortion radicalism as far less chic. In fact, many are more inclined to view the pro-life cause as trendy. One reason might be that abortion is now the status quo, while the pro-life movement is counter-cultural. "Fight the Power" all over again.


On the other side, try as they might, the abortion industry has been unable to brand abortion procedures as the equivalent of getting your appendix or tonsils removed. In reality, Planned Parenthood's campaign to "normalize" abortion (through products such as "I Had an Abortion" t-shirts and "Choice on Earth" Christmas cards) has backfired. Most Americans instinctively recognize that abortion is a moral evil, even if they mistakenly view it as a necessary moral evil.

What must be frustrating for the abortion lobby is that 2009 should be the year of unequaled triumphs, but it's turning into the year of unequaled setbacks. The president, so far, hasn't fulfilled his many campaign pledges on the issue; public sentiment is shifting; and support for abortion among the young isn't the default position it used to be.

That's not to say we're out of danger. After all, there's still three years left in this presidency.

But the poor-choicers are having an uphill battle.