Monday, September 21, 2009

Pro-Life Advocate Attacked Outside City Hall in Arizona While Protesting Abortion

Flagstaff, Arizona ( -- Just one week after a pro-life advocate was shot and killed while protesting abortion in Michigan, a pro-life advocate was assaulted by two pro-abortion women in Arizona. A man who is a regular fixture on Route 66 in front of City Hall, was attacked by two women during the day on Friday. According to information from the Flagstaff Police Department the Arizona Daily Sun obtained, the 69-year-old victim was standing in front of City Hall with a graphic sign of a baby killed in an abortion when he was approached by the two women. According to witnesses, the two women began to yell profanities at the victim. One woman kicked the sign and tried to take it. The victim tried to protect the sign and he and the woman fell to the ground as she went after it. While the two were on the ground fighting, the second woman joined the fray and tried to take the sign. The victim had to fight the other woman off as well. Paramedics arrived on scene to treat minor injuries. The two women, both 48, were cited and released on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damage. The charges will be heard by a Flagstaff Magistrate Court judge.

I can just hear the poor-choicers say: he had it coming.