Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bishop Co-Author of D&P Investigation Admits: "I Just Should Have Followed Up more"


"They themselves, in honest and blunt questioning, told me that they themselves are not in favor of abortion," he said. "In no way are they supportive or sponsoring anything dealing with abortion. That was their frank [response], when we asked them point blank."


When LSN noted that that the UN document in question was only one piece of seven pieces of evidence LSN had reported, the archbishop admitted frankly he was not aware of and did not consider the other evidence. "No, the other ones, to be honest with you, I haven't followed too closely," he said.


Despite the brevity of the interview, LSN was able to show the archbishop online evidence of direct pro-abortion advocacy of one of the five groups he investigated. To this revelation the archbishop frankly and apologetically acknowledged, "I just should have followed up more."

I get the sneaking suspicion that the bishosp don't take the abortion issue all that seriously. Notwithstanding Archbishop Currie's answers.

Think about it. If a group funded by bishops were accused of calling for the death of a certain group of born citizens, wouldn't they look a little harder?

Of course people will lie or creatively distort the truth to their advantage when money is involved.

I suspect that the relationship between these groups and D & P is so cozy that the bishops felt comfortable accepting them on their word.

You accept people on their word when you know and trust them.

It's good that the bishops are coming to this realization.

But I want to know this: when will bishops lay down the law with respect to politicians who openly flout Catholic teaching?

It doesn't involve money. It doesn't involve an investigation to Latin America.

Look at their voting record. Call the politicians in. Tell them what they did is against the Word of God and puts their soul in peril, and if they don't repent, deny them communion and, in extremis, excommunicate them.

What is so hard about that?

Catholics give these politicians their money and their votes. Shouldn't the bishops be no respecter of persons, and make sure politicians have the same treatment as D & P?