Friday, October 23, 2009

Pro-lifer assaulted at #40Days for Life Ottawa

Received by email:

1) Ground Zero Report:

On Wednesday night, there was a violent attack on one of our vigilers, a youth co-ordinator from one of our churches. The police were called and are investigating. He is going to the dentist to have work done on his teeth which were damaged in the assault.

Here are two reports from different individuals:

1) Basic details: 2 girls and 2 guys came across the street yelling at them. One girl started breaking up signs. One guy punched Chris as he attempted to call the police and knocked the phone out of his hands. Another girl who was with the victim then called police. Chris was punched again. They took the signs and umbrellas and dropped them around corner.

2) I don't know if you know yet, but there was a serious incident last night at the 40 Days for Life vigil. Two young adults were at the vigil site around 2am, when some young men came out of a bar, drunk and starting yelling at the young lady and causing a ruckus. The young man asked them to stop and they beat him up. He was beaten so badly that he requires dental work. He was actually replacing a female friend of his at the vigil. I don't know if the people involved want their names mentioned. I can find out if I have the opportunity.

Suffice to say that I know both of them and I got this information from the young lady's house mate.

Folks, I spoke to the young man in question and he told me that was very shaken up by the incident, but was better now. In fact, I heard he was planning to go out again last night or tonight. He does not have any health benefits, so the cost of the dentist work will have to be paid out of his own pocket. I am therefore asking people to offer to donate to his expenses. I think that if he is willing to take the hit for the unborn, we can at least pick up the tab.

Let us not be dissuaded by this incident, but understand that when such things occur, it is because the spiritual realm is being shaken by the saints and things are in motion for change.