Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Did you ever notice this about pro-Life protests?

The Netherlands:

The Lord Mayor of Amsterdam, Mr. J.H. Cohen, acknowledged the right of Cry for Life to stand up for the unborn in a public rally. In a letter to director Dr. L.P. Dorenbos, he promised a large police force would be available to prevent any opposition forces from preventing the march. This was a response to last year's march when the event was significantly delayed by physical confrontations resulting in the arrest of several pro-choice demonstrators. True to the mayor's promise, the police were out in force and effectively kept the 50 or so anti-life protesters followers from hindering the 2009 march.

When the police come out in force to a pro-life protest, it's to protect the pro-life protesters from the counter-demonstrators.

But we're the violent ones!