Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Watch the feminists argue for legalized 3rd trimester abortions in Texas

Man and mistress charged after alleged abortion, backyard burial in San Juan

SAN JUAN — Ruby Lee Medina’s mother said she already named her unborn grandson, who was due in March 2010.

Instead, baby Noel was born last week during an apparent backroom abortion. The incident was punctuated by the unborn child's father allegedly burying the fetus wrapped in a Christmas gift box in the back yard.

Watch the feminists tell speculate about some sob story surrounding this episode and how this woman "needed" to kill her seven month unborn child.

The woman in this story gets all the sympathy.

Attitude towards the child: Tough luck fetus! If you have to die so that a woman isn't charged, too bad for you!

Watch how they conflate abortion with infanticide. The woman in question may be charged with capital murder if it was found that the fetus breathed upon birth. Of course you can see the headline coming: Woman faces death penalty for abortion.

Never mind the baby breathed and is therefore a person by their own standard.

The woman was trying to "control her body". That's all that matters. If some baby has to be murdered in the name of that concept-- oh well.

And yes, I am horrified that this woman may be charged with capital murder. There's been enough killing. There's a suggestion in the story that the labour was "forced". She may be somewhat of a victim in all this.