Monday, January 25, 2010

Researcher says women don't use insurance coverage for abortion

So what's the point of subsidizing it?

There's much discussion right now about how essential it is for abortion to be covered by health insurance. But you say many women don't use the coverage they have. Why?

It's back to the stigma. They don't want the paper trail. They may not want their husbands or partners or parents to somehow find out. They're worried their employers will find out ...

Another interesting admission:

At the same time, I interviewed a woman who had a $17,000 hospital bill relating to a late-term abortion and was not sure her insurance company would pay. She was still negotiating. At the saddest moment in her life she and her husband were facing financial disaster. Among all abortions these constitute a relatively small number, but not as small as we think. One hundred and fifty thousand abortions take place after 20 weeks. These women will also face enormous difficulties if their insurance is taken away.

But babies have their lives taken away. Tough luck kids!

That's feminist empowerment for you.