Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dutch Euthanasia Society promoting euthanasia for people who are “tired of life”

Eugéne Sutorius, a leader of NVVE, a euthanasia lobby group in the Netherlands, is leading a new group of academics who are demanding the legalization of euthanasia for people who are not suffering or terminally ill but “tired of life.”

The group has launched a petition campaign whereby the hope to gather 40,000 signatures which is enough to have the issue debated in the Dutch parliament based on their citizens initiative legislation.


The petition is asking the Dutch legislature to approve euthanasia for people who are over the age of 70 and “tired of life.”

Yeah, don't treat your depression, change your thinking, find new values, volunteer, take up a sport, or do a host of things that could improve your mental health.

Just kill yourself!

And the liberals will be all over this, because autonomy is all that matters. Not In their minds: if they want the fast-food solution to their life's problems, well darn it, that's their business. After all, cheap compassion is easier than actually helping them.