Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They don't hear themselves talk sometimes

Peggy Cooke at Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome comments on one of the clients at her clinic:

One woman who had been harrassed on her way in stopped to talk to me as she was leaving. She wanted to know who she could write to about the abysmal situation in New Brunswick, so I wrote out a contact list for her - the premier, the minister of justice, the minister of health, the local paper, etc. She is a single mother of FIVE CHILDREN.

Okay, many people are too afraid to ask, so I'm going to ask it:

With the same man?


Now, I believe that every woman, regardless of her situation, has the right to make decisions about her body,

Let's see. What is it about the woman's parenting of five children that makes her have to re-affirm her decision to bear them all? It makes you wonder.

but if I had to hand out abortions on a merit basis, this woman would be right up there. I can't imagine raising five children on my own, and then being faced with another pregnancy. Yikes.

So, which of her kids should have been aborted?

And of course, you wonder if she actually decided to have one. She doesn't say.