Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Pro-Abort Speaks

Bob R from Irondog:

I am pro abortion. No not just pro choice, but pro abortion. Yes, there are many circumstances where, in my neophyte opinion, abortion is optimal. Abortion is a perfectly honrable way to end an unwanted or difficult pregnancy, to preserve one's goals, or just. . .because. I am committed to lifting whatever, and entirely undeserved, shame or stigma that is associated with the procedure. I am committed to making sure it accessible to all women without interruption, justification, or apology.


Somebody I met gave birth to a Down syndrome child who is also afflicted with other issues. What that family has gone through emotionally, financially, and other lost opportunities is enormous. Do I think they are heroic? Hell no, I think they are selfish morons.

Yeah, allowing a child to live, loving and taking care of him, so darn selfish!.

By the way, Bob R is a guidance counsellor in a Dallas area public school.

Would you want this man around your Down Syndrome kid?

The push behind abortion has never been about women's empowerment. It has always been about escaping the responsibility of parenting an unwanted child, that child often being "inferior".

He speaks of the pain that the family went through in treating this child.

As if love never involves loss, pain or difficulty.