Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feminist abortion freaks with too much time on their hands

I've noticed this about some of the feminists who show up at abortion protests.

A good number of them look like freaks. Not all. But the ones that showed up at Michael Coren's talk did. He spoke last week at a Campaign Life function in Halifax.

I think the theory is that if you show up looking like you're having fun and you make it light-hearted and engaging, it'll make people pay attention to you and take your cause more seriously. So they called themselves Hula Hoopers for Reproductive Justice.

Well, they succeed in getting people to pay attention.

Come on. Pink hair. Yeah, that's the lady I want running my social service system one day. A woman whose sense of esthetics is that of a 14-year-old. That's a person whose credibility on important matters I trust.

There's a reason people don't hire punks with Mohawks, girls.

Yeah, protest with a game of Duck, duck goose. Hooyeah, that just conveys the urgency of the issue. It reminds me of the time the McGill students who shut down Jojo Ruba's speech by singing preschool songs for an hour. They thought they were the sh*t. They got results. And made themselves look like arrested adolescents (or kindergartners) in the process. You can't buy PR like that for the pro-life cause.

And as if their antics weren't bad enough, the original article reporting on the event got Michael Coren's affiliation wrong. Did no one think to Google his name to get some background on who it was they were protesting? I've often noticed this about pro-aborts. They are so sure of themselves, they think their opponents are beneath their contempt and don't even bother looking up basic salient details. Catholic, Evangelical, British, American, it's all the same, right? They're all Taliban clones. If they're religious and against abortion, that makes them the equivalent of stone-aged tribesmen who publicly machine gun women for committing adultery.

I know that lots of feminists and other poor-choicers reading this will poo-poo my commentary as me being an old fuddy-duddy and that real people actually enjoy this kind of thing and it makes politics more engaging, and it shores up support.

Okay folks, you believe what you want. Tell yourselves that abortion was legalized because of some chicks staged freak shows on public venues. I don't care if you keep your heads in the sand.

H/T: Concerned for Life