Monday, April 19, 2010

Feminist contempt

Heather Mallick

It's a mystery to me why women would join the Conservative Party in the first place. Harper's Conservatives may tolerate wives, but they don't appear to like women. This will be a huge problem for them in the next election.

Sometimes I just want to get all right-leaning females together and send a loud collective STFU to Heather Mallick and her ilk.

Why women join the Conservative Party? BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT LEFTISTS LIKE YOU.

Because women like being judged on their merits.

Because they don't want their hard-earned tax dollars to go to leftist lobbying and judicial activism.

Because they don't want an expanded state-- they like their personal autonomy.

Because they like people who are tough on crime and are pro-family.

Because they are sick of feminists treating women sometimes as victims, sometimes as capable as it serves their ends.

They hate the radical feminist chip on their shoulder.

Believe it or not, Heather, there are millions of women who think that way.

And it hasn't done Stephen Harper any harm.

In the rural Ontario riding of Simcoe-Grey, sweatpants are a smart choice.

That just sums out why people hate Toronto.