Sunday, April 18, 2010

Protestant Churches Must Speak Out Against Abortion

Says Jonathon Van Maren, a Canadian pro-life blogger:

Many of the Protestant churches in the US and especially Canada have responded to the challenge of secular-progressivism by simply becoming insular. The churches have opted to simply withdraw themselves from the public sphere, and consequently, their voices are not heard while unborn children are murdered behind sterile clinic doors. Their outrage is not heard by the politicians who create legislation, and in Canada, have a Supreme Court mandate to impose restrictions on abortion. Indeed, the Protestant churches often have very little outrage left to display, as apathy has been a way of life for so long it has, in many cases, prevailed. [...] Apparently many Christians believe that society can speed along a destructive path without the church being majorly impacted. We can sleep quietly in the back seat while the secular progressives drive the country towards the edge of the cliff. Rome is burning, but our house won’t catch fire.

The attitude of many Christian churches in Hitler’s Europe during the Holocaust comes to mind—the silence of these churches in the face of the slaughter of the innocents is a black page in Christian history that is still often discussed in university history courses today. But are we really so different from the many German civilians who watched with apathy while trains rolled by en-route to death camps like Auschwitz? A quick glance at history shows a frightening parallel between their excuses and ours; “We weren’t aware of the true horror of what was happening. “I didn’t dare say anything.” “I disagree with what is going on, but my hands are tied.” “What can we really do, anyhow?” Edmund Burke has so rightly noted that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Although I think he's being a little too generous towards the Catholic Church about defending the right to life. There are many strong voices, but there is still a lot of apathy and even opposition to fetal rights.