Thursday, April 08, 2010

Smoking cannabis a religious right, court told

In a constitutional challenge to Canada’s drug laws, however, the two men argue that the cannabis plant is sacred to their religion, the Assembly of the Church of the Universe (COU), which claims about 35 active ministers and 4,000 members across Canada.

“It’s the most spiritual thing that has ever happened to me,” Styrsky testified Wednesday.

If this lawsuit sticks, watch this so-called Church gain a bunch of converts. Oh yeah, I just see it. A bunch of greasy-haired stoners just lining the parks and doing dope in the name of "religion".

“The COU offers no insight or answers into the existential questions (of) ‘ultimate concern’ which are the chief domain of religion; offers no comprehensive system of belief by which to live and offers no moral or ethical code,” federal Crowns Nicholas Devlin and Donna Polgar say in written submissions.

“It offers only marijuana — however and wherever individuals want it.”

What a farce.

Their only alternative is judicial activism.