Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Abortion Debate....What Abortion Debate?

Edward Michael George vents his spleen on the left's discovery of an alleged culture war re: the publication of Marci McDonadl's book on the Christian Right:

The abortion debate was it then? We've never had one, and we're still not having it. What we are having is a bunch of hysterics saying that even entertaining the prospect of one already constitutes a war. (Which is insane, by the way.) The very few commentators willing merely to point out that an unbelievably large number of Canadians' views on abortion don't actually conform with the current (non-existent) law risk professional pariahdom if they do.


Culture war my ass. This is a story about the sort of people who would pretend that such a conflict does (or could) exist where it doesn't (and couldn't) for reasons either of cynical political advantage or existential boredom.

He's right that we talk more about the abortion debate than about the issue itself.