Friday, May 07, 2010

The Calculus of Supporting Legal Abortion

A woman who has experienced various aspects of pregnancy describes how it has made her more "pro-choice".

In some ways, she was right. I thought more and more about my assumptions I had regarding abortion. The longer I was pregnant, the more I experienced what a joy my child would be, and how happy and complete she would make my family.

But lets be honest. Pregnancy is hard. It is uncomfortable. It is awkward. It is painful, emotional, exhausting and often vomit-inducing. I was able to work through all of those bad times, which, again, is a majority of pregnancy, knowing that this is what I needed to do to have the addition to the family we wanted so badly.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have to experience all of those moments – the sickness, fatigue, elbows and feet in my bladder, or the even worse issues I managed to avoid like diabetes, preeclampsia, or even bed rest, all while not wanting the child that was living inside of you. To be forced to go through the pain, the stress and the sickness not out of joy, but because you had to, because someone else made that decision for you, because someone else wanted that baby and that person’s opinion, wants and needs mattered more to the world than what you wanted for yourself.

Okay so let get this straight.

The experience of being sick, being kicked, being inconvenienced by pregnancy-- and God knows *I've* been there--


1) not wanting the child within you-- have you noticed how abortion supporters let people off the hook as to whether they are allowed or to love the child in the womb?


2) Killing a the "child living inside of you".

Morning sickness trumps human life.

This is not to say that it's a piece of cake. But just because your life is made hard doesn't give you the right to kill. Just because something is a burden doesn't mean you have the right to kill. Just because you are inconvenienced or made uncomfortable doesn't give you the right not to care about that other human being inside of you, and love him and at least try to do what's best for that being.

This statement horrifies feminists. The truth is: they do not give a *** about the right to life. They don't care that another human being has to die in the name of their ideology. Autonomy is all that matters to them, and if someone else has to suffer because of it, well tough luck, fetus, you gotta die if your incubator says so.

Human life is banal in their eyes. An embryo just a blob of cells, right? The only recourse they have to justify their ideology is pure materialism. But they don't realize that in reducing the fetus to cells and chemical reactions, they in turn reduce us ALL to cells and chemical reactions and in turn dehumanize our selves. Humans are no longer special, just a bundles of needs and desires fueled by some chemical reactions.

It's a sick worldview. And many don't understand it's implicit in their conception of the human being.