Sunday, June 13, 2010

How pro-aborts think

Gotta love this post from Banana Grabber about the thirteen-year-old who self-aborted after having sex with a thirty-year-old pervert.

Pennsylvania has parental consent laws. She obviously did not want to tell her parents. How come none of the anti-choicers want to talk about that? If she was able to go to a clinic she wouldn't have been in this situation. THAT is the problem.

Yeah, cuz, thirteen-year-olds should be able to by-pass their parents' knowledge to get abortion to hide the evidence of rape...

Further, she is thirteen years old. She is child. I can say at thirteen I was in no shape to be having sex, and definitely not sex with someone SEVENTEEN years older than me. Can we take a step back and ask, why was this thirteen year old doing this? Her boyfriend/partner/creeper said he had sex with her "hundreds" of times. How did this happen? It troubles me this happened so many times yet nobody seemed to be aware. Of course, teens can be very sneaky and do a good job hiding things from their parents, but she is thirteen! I find it hard to believe a thirteen year old could sucessfully pull that off unless she is some sort of smooth talking magical pixie with a unicorn.

All the more reason to tell the parents. Hey lady! Do you realize your kid is having sex with a man more than twice her age? That would be a bit of a wake-up call.

Here's an interesting passage:

It is true there are cases where Planned Parenthood staffers did not appropriately follow state rules and turn in a man who was engaging in an inappropriate relationship a minor. I think that is terrible. It is beyond messed up. I would prefer if everyone followed the rules about that. I do think that each staffer was trying to act in the best interest of the minor, even if the staffer might not have been in reality. Either way, it is ridiculous to assume that all Planned Parenthoods everywhere just let minors get raped all the time like it's no big deal, because that is definitely NOT the case. I have worked with plenty of clinics that have bent over backwards to get guys arrested who were doing that kind of stuff. Planned Parenthoods and clinics, for the vast majority of cases, DO follow the rules. And rapists get caught. Which is a good thing because they might otherwise have not.

If the guy is arrested, wouldn't the parents know about the abortion in the first place?

Isn't the rape issue the reason why the staffers at PP did not report the statutory rape in the first place because they did not want the parents to know to begin with?

Or that this girl, who could have died, and just went through something terribly traumatic, didn't have to go through that.

She didn't. But she would not have gone to the clinic if she knew that her "boyfriend" would have gotten into trouble.

She could have just had a regular, safe abortion.

And killed her unborn child.

It wouldn't have been the horrifying experience of shoving a pencil into your own uterus and then becoming violently ill and having to have your boyfriend who is not a doctor deliver your dead baby for you and then take it and bury it in a ditch

Who says it wouldn't have been. Lots of women have been traumatized by abortion.

See, people assume that thirteen-year-olds are mentally and emotionally equipped to make these decisions. She needed some kind of advocate. A thirteen-year-old doesn't know what's good for her-- obviously.

The fact she had to go through that is so fucked up.

She didn't. She didn't have to stick a pencil up her crotch. She didn't have to do anything. Just because a girl is desperate doesn't mean she had to have done it.

In all likelihood, she didn't know what else to do. She needed guidance. From her parents.

And I must concur with this:

Also -- if anyone stumbled upon this page by googling the story of the girl who used the pencil, and is thinking of using a pencil or anything to self abort. PLEASE DO NOT DO IT. Self aborting is very dangerous and often leads to at minimum serious complications and even death.

But I will add:

Don't have an abortion. Don't kill the unborn child within you. You can give birth.

Check out (USA and Canada).

Take something bad and make it into something good. CHOOSE LIFE for your unborn child. You will not regret it.