Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Poor-Choicer Says: So What If I Call it a Baby?

Says KushieIsMoon, a so-called "pro-choice Christian", well-known for her Twitter abortion debates:

I hate that I have to guard my speech. I hate that I have to turn conversations onto random tangents over word use. But if I don’t do these things, antichoicers will run away with my words and ignore anything I say after that.

Well you know what? I’m tired of letting antis decide what I do or do not say.

So what if a woman calls a fetus a baby? So what if I follow her lead and say the word baby too? I shouldn’t refrain from using words that the woman is most comfortable with. If after her abortion she feels that her baby died and became an angel, then why can’t I agree with her on that?

Yeah, so, who cares if the fetus is called a baby...and the fetus is about to someone else's hand?

There is absolutely, positively, no logical ramification to calling a fetus a in no way implies that it is justified to kill a equal human being beloved by God, who was entrusted to a mother's care.

No ramifications whatsoever.