Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't "Trust Women"

When they decide to visit a Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

For thousands of years, women have contemplated abortion, and have been persuaded not to have abortion, and they always will be.

Maybe Abortion Pushers should just butt out.

Oh, but wait, when women decide to have recourse to services offered by people who oppose their agenda, all of a sudden, they become paternalistic and "protective" of women.

Clearly they believe women are untrustworthy.


One of the testifying moms, Danica Fountain of Arizona, says she felt pressured to abort her baby before she arrived at the Women’s Center of Tucson, a local pregnancy resource center. “I was absolutely shocked to see that this so called ‘blob of tissue,’ the term I so commonly heard people use when referencing a pregnancy this early on, was in fact a fully formed baby! She had a head, arms and legs," says Fountain.

“When I saw my baby’s heart beating I knew I would do anything to protect my child."

Interesting how abortion clinics are supposed to give "factual information" about pregnancy....but DON'T.

Projection maybe?