Monday, July 26, 2010

Ignoring the moral dimension

Not Guilty writes:

Removing fetal tissue is the same, to me, as removing inflamed tonsils or an infected appendix.


Abortions are a medical procedure and they have a use in our society and they should not be treated any differently from any other medical procedure. This latter point is an important one.

I love how she ignores the BIG difference between abortion and an appendectomy.

Abortion KILLS a human being.

Appendices are not human beings and they are not killed.

Fetuses are creatures who are considered worthy of love, albeit not unconditional love.

Notice how people who are involved with abortion NEVER confront that moral conflict.

They can't.

Join me in bringing abortion medicine back to the mainstream.

Now why in the world would abortion NOT be in the mainstream...could it be that it has something to do with the fact that IT KILLS A HUMAN BEING?

Join me in saving the lives of doctors.

It's funny because the stigmatization of abortion is not a direct cause of the deaths of abortionists. If anything, abortionists are safer when abortion is ILLEGAL. Ever heard of an abortionist being shot in a country where abortion is illegal?

Now of course I'm being facetious. But it just goes to show how twisted their logic is.

If you want to stop terrorism, fight the terrorists, not the ideas.

Or should we ban all talk of Palestinian sovereignty until Hamas and Al-Qaida stop their terrorism?